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I decided to start my healing business because I understand how well it works through my own experience. I went to school to study Traditional Japanese Reiki and was a certified Reiki Master in 2006. I have since then taken the Traditional Japanese Reiki course a total of 8 times, the first 4 was because I have loved it so much. I took my Reiki Master Teachers course in 2009. I helped assist 4 Reiki courses with my Mentors Lauren Slade and Jack Marriott through Universal College of Reflexology; I am 5 removed in the Usui lineage.It has been an amazing journey of self growth and developing some wonderful relationships along the way. I have such a passion for soul learning and I want to share this with all who are willing to receive it. It has been a life changing experience and I want you to feel and experience the power of Reiki. It is a personal choice like anything you choose. Healing starts from the head down, inside out. When you make the choice to make changes within, no one can stand in your way. The one thing that I will always take away from Reiki is that it is an honor to be in the presence of someone’s personal growth and healing. I have such respect for all who walk through my door.


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1 Hour Session $75 + GST
1 Hour Session $70 + GST 
1 Hour Session $80 + GST
1 Hour Session $70 + GST


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Massage Therapy & Holistic Centre

30 Athabasca Avenue, Devon, Alberta

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